A Conservationist & His 20 Year Friendship with a 15 foot Tiger Shark: Jim Abernethy

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emma tiger shark

Jim Abernethy's list of accomplishments goes on and on. Award-winning author and photographer; Emmy winning cinematographer; played a pivotal role in the Bahamas becoming a shark sanctuary (and many other conservation campaigns!); started 3 non-profits; owns an eco-diving boat that attracts top nature magazines and filmmakers from around the world.... Shall I go on? 

Not only is he a lead-by-example all 'round environmentalist, but he has a touching story to share with the world. 

Many have cats or dogs for pets - Jim has wild sharks. One of these sharks is named Emma, a 15-foot tiger shark who Jim has befriended using affection for 20 years and counting. Emma is a local to Tiger Beach, along with many other locals who Jim has befriended and removed hooks from using his method of affection.  

He's shown the world that sharks not only feel pain, but also love -- a higher level of consciousness and connection between human and nature. 

We had the chance to talk with Jim about this story along with environmental threats in Florida and around the world. If you're looking to reignite your passion for diving and activism, this interview is for you.


Go to Jim's non-profit, Wildlife Voice, and sign his current campaigns to help save wildlife around the world!

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  • Thank you, Jim, for your passion and dedication to conservation. We need people with your clarity of vision. You’re helping to open people’s eyes and minds.

    Erich -

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