Kaush: Conservation Biologist and Epic Videographer & Photographer

by hello beasties

Kaush's photography and videography is nothing short of breathtaking an inspiring.  This conservationist has captured it all, from the Maldivian waters to the Kenyan plains. Despite such complexities in moving from land to water, videography to photography, Kaush does it all - and beautifully. 


Being both a man with an eye photography and a conservation biologist, Kaush tells both inspiring and informative stories about the wildlife he encounters behind his work. 


He has been featured in Oceanographic Magazine, PADI, BBC Earth, Daily Mail and even Yahoo News. Multiple images from his extraordinary work has been recognised with Award nominations in the British Photography Awards 2020 and 2021. 


Kaush takes you around the world with images and videos that show you how magnificent our wild earth is, and why we need to protect it.  


Watch our video interview to hear Kaush's take on conservation, some incredible stories from moments around the world, and the skills it takes to be a land/water photographer and videographer.


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