Care & Cleaning

Getting your towels ready for the beach (or the park, or the pool, …)

All our Beastie towels are pre-washed in our factory however several washings are required for 100% cotton terry towels to achieve their maximum absorbency and softness. Washing terry towels before use begins the "breaking in" process, making them softer and more absorbent. 

Washing - all that sunscreen has to go somewhere

(Consider which sunscreen you use, for more information on the effect of sunscreen on the planet read this.) It’s best to wash your Beastie towel in warm water with a gentle detergent. Consider using ½ to ¾ the normal amount of laundry detergent. Most towels don't get very dirty and excessive detergent will build up in the towel, making it less absorbent. Do not use detergents that contain brighteners (a.k.a. bleach derivatives), as these will lighten your colored towels and make the terry loops brittle and scratchy. Separate colors to avoid bleeding. It’s particularly important with towels that you not use fabric softener, since it decreases the absorbency of a 100% cotton towel. 

Drying - for extra fluffiness

Do not use dryer sheets with towels. These softeners contain silicone and the silicone will coat the cotton yarns and impede their absorbency. Tumble dry your Beastie towel on low heat until slightly damp. This leaves your towel soft and fluffy, while preserving the capacity for high moisture absorption. Always dry towels on a low to medium setting. Of course we also recommend line drying to reduce your environmental footprint. Do not over dry towels, excessive heat will damage them. Once dry, hand press and fold on a flat surface. 

Other care instructions

  • Snags or pulled loops: If you find that your towels have developed some snags or pulled loops simply cut them off, your towels will not unravel.
  • Shrinkage: Cotton is a natural fiber and will shrink slightly, ranging from 4-8% of the original size after a machine wash, depending on the fibers. Beastie towels washed and dried at high temperatures may shrink more.
  • Smelling musty or looking dingy:  If your Beastie towel starts to lose its color brightness or smells musty add ¼ - ½ cup of baking soda to the wash cycle.