Copy of We are Beasties

Wildlife is in trouble. But there is a silver lining, together we can change the story and keep wild alive. We are in business to raise awareness and funds for wildlife and believe it or not, our clothes do the trick. Doing the right thing was never easier. 

This is why you need us around:
The fact is, humans have lost their connection to this amazing place we all call home. By living in disharmony with nature we are now dipping our toes in polluted oceans, climate change is talk of the day and we’ve become the gravest threat to wildlife. Yep, quite depressing, but let’s look at it from a brighter perspective, if we are the treat, we can be the saviour too. Now that sounds better. Keep reading to see how Beasties saves the day, or at least, directs all effort towards keeping wild alive. Because roaming free and staying wild is what sets our hearts on fire. Also, ever seen a baby rhino chasing his mom? Spoiler, cutest thing on earth. Keep ready on how you save the cutest creatures on earth. 

This is how we change the game:
Money makes the world go round. It’s up to us to direct our money where are values are and luckily we’ve made that super easy for you. We’ve noticed that conventional ways of raising funds don’t quite match with the current zeitgeist, so we figured it’s time for something new. What if we could combine something easy and essential as getting dressed in the morning with doing something good… Turns out, it’s a match made in heaven. Every time you decide not to go through life naked you can actually help wildlife thrive. With every purchase we donate on your behalf, truly a win win if you ask us. 

Now go get dressed, you are a few clicks away from doing something amazing.