For every $3 we donate $1 to wildlife conservation.

 Wildlife is in trouble. A large number of species are on the brink of extinction. It’s too late to do nothing.

We give 1/3rd of our net proceeds to our charity partners. We reinvest the rest of our proceeds to scale the brand, in order to give more. 

We believe fashion can be used as a power for good. Everyday essentials can be used as a billboard to showcase our values and spread awareness for issues that demand our attention.

Fashion has been taking inspiration from the animal kingdom since forever without giving anything in return. Because it’s not like animals can use our money right? Wrong. Wildlife conservation is in dire need of funds, to protect endangered species from the brink of extinction. Imagine if all products that featured an animal would contribute a portion of their proceeds to conservation? Pretty wild idea, right?

At Beasties we like ideas, but we love action. That’s how our apparel line has come to life. Making ‘doing good’ as easy as getting dressed in the morning.

We have many more ideas that we want to bring to life. Wanna be part of our journey? Get in touch and we’ll tell you how.